Paramount Hires Kenneth C. Klothe as Director, Government and Military Affairs

January 8, 2014

Recognizing the extensive government and defense network that Trident Star Global nurtures and maintains, Paramount Aviation Resources Group subcontracted Trident Star Global to expand their business opportunities. FULL ARTICLE

Remote Area Support

Through 28 years of working and operating in austere and remote locations where there has been little support, Trident Star Global has the ability to […]

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Evacuation & Personnel Recoveries

In 2014, Trident Star Global evacuated and recovered 413 civilian employees from conflict zones in Iraq and Libya. When no one else could get to […]

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Kenneth Klothe Included in Prestigious Airman Certification Database

Pilot and Entrepreneur Kenneth Klothe of Trident Star Global, LLC Included in Prestigious Airman Certification Database The FAA recognized Trident Star Global for twenty-plus years […]

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