Trident Star Global’s foundation is built on relationships and protecting those relationships by having a strong foundation based on mutual trust, mutual interests and mutual respect.

The often used analogy of the sheepdog protecting the herd and fending off the wolves is ingrained into our ethos. The sheepdog earns the trust of the herd and the shepherd by sharing common interest in preserving the safety of the herd thereby earning the respect of the wolves by relentlessly guarding the herd as they go about their daily business though wolves and danger are always present.

New markets are rising in regions once considered unstable. The environments are unpredictable and threats sometimes can not be avoided. Our vigilance in these places reduces the unpredictability and allows companies to avoid the threats to their people.

What sets us apart is our ability to plan ahead and stay vigilant for your company and personnel, but be ready to act when necessary.

Knowing how we view your needs, we sit on this strong and resilient foundation with four pillars: people, planning, process, performance.

The common denominator is people. A company wants to protect and care for its people. The company may need to work in a high-risk area. A company wants to ensure they have expert plans and solutions in place for their people in harm’s way. Your people are our concern and we will establish plans based on your needs of the employees in the high-risk area, you will have access to our training and rehearsals for your people, and you will be able to provide them a ride home on our mobility systems no matter what the circumstances may be.

Planning before a crisis provides a company with many advantages. Mentally, the company leadership, the project management staff and the employees know there is a way home. Physically, a company will have robust and resilient plans that can be reviewed, revised and updated to meet the situation. Operationally, a company will have a method for evacuation or recovery that was born of years of actual missions and dedicated training. Combine our team with meticulous planning and the result is a detailed plan that eliminates obstacles and keeps things simple.

The process to develop an Emergency Action Plan is based on years of experience and doctrine that safely recovered 470 people in 2014 and thousands more in previous years. Based on the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency “Train-Support-Integrate” process, our process gives the you confidence that your people are prepared, you have the best access to knowledge for decisions and the plan is designed to function in the most difficult conditions.  You will be prepared to act (as opposed to react) if the time comes.

Performance is measured in your confidence in your preparation before a single employee steps off the airplane in a high-risk area. It is measured by the readiness to act in your companies chain of command, by the precision of the rehearsals conducted at home and abroad, by the situational knowledge of the security department, by the willingness to volunteer of each employee that goes to a high-risk area. Performance is measured by the safe recovery of the employees.

Trident Star Global relentlessly improves on training, supporting and planning for high-risk environments. In the past two years in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and South Asia, the environments have changed and have become highly unstable. Many corporations have people, equipment and facilities in these areas and they need situation updates, support and a plan to recover their people before the situation deteriorates into conflict. That is what Trident Star Global does: we help you to protect and prepare your people so they may operate safely in high-risk areas.