Prior Operations

Baiji, Iraq


64 civilian employees were stranded in Baiji, Iraq.

Militant factions were in the vicinity of Baiji and putting civilian employees in harm’s way.

The client requested assistance with evacuation and potential extraction of personnel.

Trident received the request at 0630 (GMT-5) and started planning and coordination.

Trident has spoken with Peshmerga Force, Iraqi Military, the commercial security firm providing personal security and Trident presented a Concept of Operations that was approved by the corporate client.

Trident was contracted to coordinate the evacuation for the client.

Various methods were explored and modified as intelligence was updated.

At 1830 (GMT-5) within 12 hours, Trident had built a recovery package and was communicating with the ground security elements and airborne elements and the Iraqi government.



Trident Star Global was assigned to locate and evacuate 64 civilian personnel under armed escort to a safe extraction point from country.

Extraction location was a moving target due to the actual situation. Trident relied heavily on the ground commanders making the tactical decisions.



Within 48 hours of the warning order, all 68 civilian employees of the corporate client were safely extracted under fire from an extremely hostile location. The commercial security element was safely extracted following the 68 civilian employees.




The government of Libya is fighting with various factions in Libya for control of key areas in Libya. On 15 July, The Tripoli airport was attacked resulting in eight deaths and 12 planes damaged.

The corporate client had 13 civilian employees in Libya at various sites. The established plan for evacuation was to transfer employees to Tripoli and out of the country on a civilian flight. However with the current status of the Tripoli airport, this option was not viable.



Trident Star Global coordinated a medium-lift aircraft to fly into the interior of Libya for an evacuation of 13 civilian employees to a suitable location outside Libya.



Phase 1: All employees prepared for departure. Trident Star Global received approval from the Libyan CAA for over flight clearance. Aircrews prepared for departure.

Phase 2: All employees departed from their holding location and moved via ground transport to the designated airports.

Phase 3: Aircraft departed from home station to the designated airports and loaded verified and manifested employees. Aircraft departed first airport and arrived at subsequent air strips and loaded remaining employees. Aircraft continued to Malta and disembarked all employees to meet commercial flights.



Within 48 hours of the warning order, all 13 civilian employees of the corporate client were safely extracted from hostile locations. Trident provided the commercial security element and they were safely extracted following the 13 civilian employees.