In the event of a crisis, a plan need to be in place. The Emergency Action Plan will provide three courses of action. Each course of action will reflect the permissiveness of the environment: permissive; semi-permissive; and non-permissive; and will have procedures that will lead your people to safety.

Having a plan is “digging the well before you get thirsty.”

  • Tailored Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for any location, country, or region
  • Each plan includes location-specific overview, **situation report, three courses of action and resources required for each level of recovery.
  • We can assist in modernizing your existing EAP’s.
  • The situation report embedded in the EAP can be routinely updated monthly or quarterly.

For a sample EAP, click here.




EAP Situation Reports
Trident Star Global actively monitors regions where your employees are posted. Updates to your EAP can be provided monthly or quarterly. This keeps your EAP active, current, and useful while your people are abroad.

Ad hoc Situation Reports
For global companies that have interests in multiple locations, we use our network to build individual reports.  This information supports future operations and business endeavors.  Situation reports provide the client with a complete assessment before travel, before overseas transfers, and before project development.

  • The client will be able to tailor the report to their desire and scope of work.
  • Your company would use the situation reports to build background to any overseas project or program.
  • Our reports use imagery, social media, commercial intelligence, in-country teams, and local contacts.
  • To provide the best accuracy and best assessment, we liaise with host nation foreign ministries, civil aviation agencies, military and law enforcement.

For a sample situation report, click here.





An informed employee on travel is a more resourceful and confident employee. Through Trident Star Global’s travel brief, all employees will receive a thorough overview of the city or location and the proper methods of transit in the region.

  • Designed for short durations in specific cities or locations for small groups of employees
  • Provide travel warnings, threat assessments, areas of concern, and recommendations for safe transit.
  • Can be briefed in-person or over any device.

For a sample travel brief, click here.