Training is vital in our world where situations change suddenly and without     warning. Training provides employees and corporate leadership with awareness, education, and basic skills that will make the difference in difficult situations.

  • Prepare employees to react positively during crises.
  • Courses are designed to meet environmental situations.
  • Maintain business continuity during crises due to practiced management and organizational procedures.
  • All training courses can be tailored to address the client’s needs.

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Trident Star Global conducts evacuation rehearsals to prepare company personnel for potential crises. Solidifying procedures and protocols before the real event ever occurs will help mitigate serious consequences. Rehearsals are the culminating training course that requires prerequisite courses-of-instruction before enrollment.

  • Rehearsals conducted at or near a company’s headquarters and/or conducted on-site and in-country (if feasible)
  • Improve decision making through simulated scenarios.

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