Rehearsal Training

Most people never think about being in bad situations. Situations where they find themselves in a place where they shouldn’t be. Sometimes the shock of realization is overwhelming and the “fight or flight” instinct takes over. However, that instinct does not provide the best decision making for a person.

When a crisis puts you in harm’s way, your best resource is training through repetition. This method desensitizes you to the sequence of events which must occur prior to boarding the aircraft, vehicle or boat that will take you from the danger. This method lessens the shock since it gives you an alternative to an instinctual reaction…it gives you a plan and focuses you on an objective and course of action.

Trident Star Global has two types of rehearsals that take a person from a crisis location to the method of evacuation (aircraft, boat or vehicle). Each rehearsal will involve in-depth training on communications skills, defensive posturing and situational awareness during each phase of the evacuation.

Rehearsal ONE is conducted at home near the corporate facility where the employees can practice basic skills used in an evacuation. This provides a safe environment where learning can take place and the rehearsal can be conducted more than once for more than a few employees.

Rehearsal TWO is conducted at the overseas facility in conjunction with the local authorities and provides the most realistic training for an actual evacuation from the overseas location. Rehearsal TWO provides the highest degree of situational awareness and most effective preparation for the client operating overseas.